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Kansas City Country Club Plaza Engagement Photography by Claire Ryser of Visionaire Studios

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I had such a fantastic evening with Markie and Grant! Markie contacted me this winter completely giddy with excitment not long after the proposal! We met for drinks at Thomas to chat about the details of their dream Kansas City wedding and brainstorm the engagement session! I can't take any credit for the fun ideas they came up with! Grant proposed to Markie on the Sister Cities International Bridge on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, so naturally we incorportated that into our engagement photoshoot! 

Markie is a brilliant, compassonate, energetic, fabulously gorgeous woman! She's a RN in the Pediatric-ICU at Children's Mercy and is curently ballancing a challenging program while planning a wedding, as well as being a bridesmaid in THIS AMAZING LADY'S UPCOMING KC WEDDING! Markie is planning a winter fairytale wedding at The Longview Mansion in Lee's Summit, MO!

At our meeting, Grant was smiling ear-to-ear as Markie shared about the proposal, how they met, ideas for the wedding and more. He's not one of those grooms that's "just along for the ride". You could tell he was ALMOST as excited as Markie about the future months ahead! ;) (I say that because it's pretty hard to top Markie's enthusiasm in general!! But Grant comes pretty close! HA!)

At our engagement session, while Grant was buying a few drinks inside, Markie told me how proud of Grant she is and how she admires his work-ethic and focus at his challenging job. That's saying a lot for a Pediatric ICU Nurse, right?! 

I love that they are so supportive of one another's dreams. Like, the fact that the other one is doing what they love makes them happy! You hear all the time that "relationships are WORK" but I dunno. When you admire and care so much about another person, seeing them succssful and happy and being a part of that... it's not what I'd call WORK. It just IS. 

Anyways! If you've followed my photography adventures after all of these years, you know that I Believe in LOVE. And these two embody that!!!

Here are just a couple favorites from the Kansas City Engagement Session with Markie and Grant!

Markie and Grant met for drinks here! Love the romantic setting and twinkle lights in the background!
They loved the old architecture & brick sidewalks around the River Market... I agree!
These two are very photogenic! Also, Markie's fabulous mom did her makeup! Hair by Makayla Crane of White Carpet Bride
Stunning couple! Love their wardrobe!
Kansas City does offer some amazing backdrops for romantic engagement and wedding photos!
Paris of the Plains ;) Kansas City + Love looks good!
We took this photo as the sun was starting to set over the Sister Cities International Bridge on the Country Club Plaza! The spot where Grant proposed!
Ahh! Another favorite from this romantic engagement session!
After plenty of posed portraits, I always love to get a few photos of couples just relaxing and being in the moment. This looks like something out of a movie!
Adorable! HA!
After the sun went down, we got a couple night-time photos of them in their K-State shirts in Grant's truck!
Thank you so much Markie and Grant for having me as your photographer! I loved being a part of such a fun and memorable engagement session! Can't wait for the wedding!
0 March 30, 2016

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