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Rock the Dress

This is a grouping of Rock the Dress photos.

Abi: High School Senior Photos - Lee's Summit, MO, Longview Area

"Do you photograph high school seniors?"... I get this question a lot! The answer is YES! FLASHBACK: I remember what it was like to be a Senior!...:) My family traveled so much in my younger years! I loved it. We were actually home schooled or tutored because of that fact, but we experienced so much! We had lived on the Gulf coast, in Illinois, Texas, and I was lucky to be able to travel to over 36 US States and see the most of our country before the age of 14. Eventually we moved to a Kansas City suburb my Sophomore year of HS.

0 March 29, 2012

Ashley & Sandy: Trash The Dress? More like ROCK the Dress!


OK. I LOVE pretty things in general. When my husband and I are driving in the car I often randomly blurt out, "I LOVE weddings!" Because I do! The flowers, the smiles, everyone is dressed up, cute shoes (Jimmy Choo, anyone?) I love wedding dresses. The details. I love LOVE and seeing people happy and soaking in those amazing moments and memorizing what it feels like and what two people in love LOOK LIKE. Every time I see these images of Ashley and Sandy, I remember. I remember those exact moments and I can almost hear Ashley laughing as Sandy gives her THAT LOOK.

0 January 07, 2010