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May 2010

Vanessa and Chris: Engagement Photos on The Plaza - Kansas City, MO


I can't say enough good things about Vanessa and Chris. Sometimes a person's sweet simplicity can be overwhelming! Vanessa and Chris have a love that is TOTALLY uncomplicated. And I love that.

0 May 28, 2010

Jackie: Senior Photos - Class of 2010


I love working with High School Seniors getting ready to graduate! Jackie was so much fun! We narrowly missed a rainy day... She WORKED IT OUT and we got some super cute shots... Then again, it's probably impossible to take not-good-shot of Jackie!

This is always such a fun and exciting time... Graduation, going away to college etc. There are so many emotions and I'm glad Jackie's are all happy ones!

0 May 06, 2010

It's Monday! - The Perks of Being a Wedding Photographer


My day is absolutely swamped! I looked at my calendar and thought to myself, "Self, what were you THINKING?.... And after a SUNDAY wedding?!" My feet hurt. My head hurt. My legs are still sore (Which actually is cool... I can skip my workout today!) Mondays are rough for me anyways because I push every ounce of energy and effort into EVERYTHING I do all weekend long. Mondays are usually my "recovery" day. But not today!

0 May 03, 2010