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January 2010

Natalie & Jesse: Engagement Photography in Kansas City on The Plaza


OK. In my last post I talked about Destiny and Choice. Well, I really do feel like I should get PARTIAL credit for the wonderfulness that is Natalie and Jesse. Yes, yes I do! You see, I've known Jesse since I was 2 years old. We both grew up in central Illinois and I believe DESTINY brought us all together. My earliest memories of my life actually involve Jesse's family... chasing Jesse's brothers around in Sunday School, jumping off of bunk beds, making forts, 4th of July celebrations, dressing up as sheep in the Christmas program...

15 January 22, 2010

Natasha & Ted: Engagement Photos at the Weston Red Barn - PLUS My Musings of Destiny and Choice.


Life is amazing to me. I mean, it is just crazy to think how one persons seemingly small action can trigger another, and how everything we do affects something or someone somewhere. One person can change the world and a simple "hello" could change the course of history. It's true, just think about it. I'm surrounded by proof and I have no doubt about it. All around me are people, lives, stories, history. So many times, I think, "What if we had never met... How different life would be." Call it Destiny, call it fate.

1 January 20, 2010

Katie & Blake: Kansas City Wedding Photography


Katie was calmly finishing up the last minute details. There was this happy energy and all the girls around her were smiling as they busily did... things! pinning hair, applying lip stick, zipping dresses, closeups in the mirror, touching up nails... but everything stopped when the last button on Katie's dress was fastened. BREATHLESS! That's what happened. She was stunning as she smiled and we all held our breath. Of course the silent breathlessness didn't last long. Laughing, clapping and hugging quickly took over the room and everyone began busily doing things all over again!

4 January 08, 2010

Ashley & Sandy: Trash The Dress? More like ROCK the Dress!


OK. I LOVE pretty things in general. When my husband and I are driving in the car I often randomly blurt out, "I LOVE weddings!" Because I do! The flowers, the smiles, everyone is dressed up, cute shoes (Jimmy Choo, anyone?) I love wedding dresses. The details. I love LOVE and seeing people happy and soaking in those amazing moments and memorizing what it feels like and what two people in love LOOK LIKE. Every time I see these images of Ashley and Sandy, I remember. I remember those exact moments and I can almost hear Ashley laughing as Sandy gives her THAT LOOK.

0 January 07, 2010

Megan & Grant: Part II


As the sun went down, the dance floor lit up and the party started! Megan and Grant danced the night away with their closest friends and family! It was a PERFECT summer evening for a fabulous backyard wedding! LOVED how Megan and Jayme ( decided on these beachy-themed colors and details... from their signature drink, "Blue Hawaiian", to the Hawaiian-shirted bartenders! Celebration Party Rental provided these chic and AMAZING illuminated acrylic bars and tables too. Everything looked SO amazing!

0 January 02, 2010